Not only is Diana Lee an outstanding employee, she's the kind of person who restores your faith in humankind.

Diana is a college student and a waitress and hostess at the Ugly Mug Restaurant and Bar in Cape May.  She was working at the Mug on a Saturday night earlier this month when she took a call from a frantic man who said he had lost some money and wanted to know if anyone had found it in the restaurant.

How much money had Paul Hendry lost? $6500 in $100 bills!  The man planned on using the money to pay cash for a motorcycle but had accidentally dropped it in the Ugly Mug.

Diana Lee found the money under a booth, using her phone as a flashlight.

The woman could have easily pocketed the money and used to pay for a semester of college – but she didn’t and she wouldn’t even accept a reward for her honesty.

She explained to Cleve Byran of CBS3 TV, “My parents worked for 30 years with their own business from the bottom up and I know what that’s like to see someone finally get their little piece of paradise.”

She added, “I’ll work for it just like everyone else, karma hopefully will be on my side someday.”

Didn't I tell you that Diana is the kind of person who restores your faith in humankind? You can help make sure karma sides with Diana by leaving her a nice, big tip the next time you're at Cape May's Ugly Mug!