The Margate Causeway is your entrance to the seashore; one of the few connecting roads to Absecon Island, and, in many people's opinion, the prettiest.  On any given trip, you'll witness migrating shore birds in the  surrounding marshland,  sport and fishing boats enjoying the beautiful back bay, and a panoramic view of Downbeach... and the distant glitch of Atlantic City.

I live in Margate and travel the road at least two times a day -  and I love it.  Even when life is too busy to get out and enjoy the surf, sand and fun of living at the beach, you always have time to appreciate the beauty and wonder of  nature looking out your car window.

Lately, what's getting most of the attention of travelers on the Margate Causeway is a giant new billboard, more than 50 feet in the air,  on the property of  Hackney's Boat Yard along the Causeway.  There have been billboards on the Causeway for a long time, but they are smaller, wooden billboards only a few feet off the ground.

To many locals, this new board, still blank for now, looks like someone has erected the world's largest hi-def TV high in the sky in the middle of one of Atlantic County's most scenic and relatively unspoiled spots.

Because  the quirky boundaries of Egg Harbor Township make this strip of roadway part of the township, the boat yard and Jersey Outdoor Media billboard company applied for and got approval from EHT for this new electronic LED display .  The billboard owners insist it will be a welcome addition to the Causeway if locals and travelers just give it a chance.  Many who live close by, and other like me, who pass the giant billboard every day, are skeptical.

I'd like to hear what you think about this new Margate Causeway billboard.

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