Talk about an emotional conclusion to a TV show!  Galloway's Mara Justine stood on the Radio City Music Hall stage beside the singers from the operatic duo, Act II.

The "America's Got Talent"judges were about to decide on national television which of the two contestants would continue on to the show's semi-finals and which would go home.

Tears streamed down Mara Justine's face as the 12-year-old became overcome with the emotion of the moment.

As the show ended, the judge's decisions were final....Mara Justine would advance to the show's semi-finals!

Mara Justine will now returns home to enjoy some of her summer vacation before entering Galloway Middle School this fall The earliest she could next appear on NBC's "America's Got Talent" is Tuesday, August 26th as the show continues with two more weeks of its quarterfinal round.

Lite Rock has been following Mara's journey on the show and I spoke to her and her mom this morning to get her day-after reactions to last night's show.

Here is audio from our conversation and video of last's dramatic ending of "America's Got Talent"...