How many other South Jersey homeowners are getting nervous after hearing fraud charges are now being brought against those who made false storm damage claims in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy?

It’s my guess that many people played fast and loose with the rules for claiming Sandy relief.  How thorough will this investigation in to Sandy fraud be?  Time will tell.

A Galloway Township man is one of two New Jersey homeowners who have been charged with filing fraudulent applications for Superstorm Sandy aid.

The attorney general’s office says Carl A. Meyer of Galloway Township and 48-year-old Scott Carlin of Basking Ridge were charged separately on Monday with theft by deception and unsworn falsification charges.

Carl A. Meyer, 53, was charged with third-degree attempted theft by deception and fourth-degree unsworn falsification.

In applying for relief, Meyer allegedly falsely claimed that a storm-damaged house on South Adams Avenue in Margate was his primary residence, when in fact it was a rental property.

Meyer applied for FEMA funds as well as a HUD Resettlement Grant. The FEMA application was denied because his damage was covered by flood insurance.

The HUD grant was approved, but his alleged fraud was discovered before funds were dispensed.

Prosecutors say Carlin was approved for a $10,000 grant before officials discovered he had allegedly falsely claimed his Manahawkin vacation home as a primary residence.

The attorney general’s office says six homeowners in the past month have faced similar charges of applying for federal or state recovery funds under false pretenses.