Make no mistake about it… I am definitely a summer girl.  I <3 the beach and the sun, tank tops and flip-flops.

But there is something to be said about the fall.  As sad as I am every year to see the summer end, I must admit that I think fall is truly an awesome time of year. 

There are so many things I <3 about fall.  Tere’s nothing like wearing my favorite comfy pair of jeans, a hoodie, and boots.  I literally go from wearing flip-flops to boots every year!

Fall is about bonfires, corn mazes, hay rides, hot chocolate, and a harvest moon.

It’s all about telling ghost stories and toasting marshmallows.

At night there’s a chill in the air, and it feels so good to sleep with the window open and a cozy fleece blanket on the bed.

Fall is a pretty time of year too, especially in the Northeast with the fall foliage.  And everywhere you look, you see pumpkins, gourds, haystacks, and colorful mums.

But the best part of fall for me?  It’s that unexpected day when the sun shines brightly, the temperatures rise, and it feels like summer is back…even if only for a very short time.

That is by far my favorite fall day because, after all, I am a summer girl.