The escaped prisoner, Arthur Buckel, was spotted at the Forked River rest area on the Garden State Parkway last night, but he was not captured.

According to Lacey Township Police, Buckel was caught on surveillance photos inside the rest area, and a active search was made.

According to Lacey Township Police:

Upon being notified of the search that was underway, both Lacey PD and Berkeley PD assigned personnel to assist in search efforts and assigned additional officers to patrol areas along the GSP. A command post was established in Berkeley Township at Bayville Fire Department where from the continuing efforts have been coordinated. The subject is believed to have initially moved north from the rest area on foot, but his movements thereafter are unknown. It is not known if he entered a vehicle at some point or is still moving on foot.

The New Jersey Department of Corrections and the NJSP are conducting the investigation with the assistance of the neighboring departments. As has been done throughout the night, both Lacey PD and Berkeley PD will have additional officers staffing the areas of concern, including the schools, during the morning hours and throughout the day.

Arthur Buckel is now clean-shaven and was last seen wearing a grey, long-sleeve sweatshirt; grey shorts; and work boots. The most recent photos are from the Forked River Rest Area prior to the initiation of a search by the NJSP on the night of Sunday, May 8, 2016.

District officials have been notified. While the focus of the search is on the west side of the GSP north and in Berkeley Township, the Lacey Township Police Department is assigning additional staff to the Mill Pond and Cedar Creek Schools along with extra patrols in the areas of concern for children at the bus stops. School personnel will be providing additional monitoring and supervision as well during the arrival of students. Parents are asked to take appropriate precautions while the children are at the bus stops.

Anyone with information on Buckel's whereabouts is urged to call police immediately.

Source: Lacey Township Police