NJ Braces for Nor’easter [AUDIO]
A little less than 1 million homes and businesses were still without power as of last night, compared with 2.7 million who lost their electricity at the height of Hurricane Sandy, but trouble could be headed our way. New Jersey is staring down the barrel of a nor'easter that could slam the stat…
Hurricane Sandy Relief Centers All Around South Jersey
Today I stopped by the Ventnor Community Center to drop of clothes and other products to just try to do a little part in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.
What I saw was a community coming together to help "Restore the Shore."
The room was filled with food, diapers, water, cloth…
Ventnor Official Gives Optimistic Update on Re-opening Town
The folks from Ventnor have watched and waited from afar all week, as most other South Jersey towns have re-opened to let their residents return... and see in what condition they will find their home.  As they've waited, frustration has grown and risen to the breaking point for those from …

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