5 Tips To Stop Biting Your Nails
People bite their nails for different reason. The first step to stopping nail-biting is to pay attention to your triggers. Here are five tips to help you stop biting your nails.
How Fido Can Improve Your Health (WATCH)
The benefits of owning a pet are rewarding because they are loyal and they add a sense of companionship to our lives. Simply by interacting with our pets can help with lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, and even releasing the endorphins that cause us to relax and feel good.
FBI Needs New leads in Case of Two Missing NJ Boys [PHOTOS]
The FBI is turning new attention to a missing persons case from the 1970's and they are asking for your help with any information. Two teenage boys disappeared from the New Lisbon Developmental Center, on the edge of the pine barons of Burlington County more than 42 years ago.

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