Call boxes will soon be removed from the sides of the Atlantic City Expressway.

The South Jersey Transportation Authority will begin a 90 day project on Monday to remove the boxes that were first installed in the mid 80s that have become out of date.

There was a call box located every mile on the 47 mile long highway which runs from Turnersville to Atlantic City.

“The older technology that powers these call boxes is obsolete and may give an individual the impression that there is actually a telephone there when there is not,” said Sam Donelson, Acting Executive Director of the SJTA in a press release. “We will erect new signs at various locations that will be visible to motorists with a telephone number to call for assistance. In an emergency, 9-1-1 remains the number to call.”

The SJTA says most users were using their cell phones to follow up after using the call box, which does not involve any vocal communication. A user pushes a button which notifies a dispatcher of the call by way of a “squawk.” A buzz is sent to the user to acknowledge help is on the way.

The existence of State Police patrols on ACE, presence of ACE Emergency Service Patrol (ESP) and the prevalence of cellular phones will all ensure the public’s safety according to the SJTA.

Drivers can also call 609-965-7200 or #ACE (#223) to summon help.

Call boxes were removed from Interstate 195 in 2005.