Summer is saying it’s last goodbyes and fall is right around the corner and you know what that means? It’s time for our kids to get back to school.

Breaking your kids out of vacation mode can be quite the challenge, but we have a couple of methods that will get them back into the swing of things. Here are some ways to get your kids back-to-school ready.

  • 1

    Back Into The Routine Early

    The first thing you may want to do is take the last few weeks of summer to get them back into that school routine. suggest us to wake up our children at the usual time that they would on a regular school day. Have them get dressed, eat breakfast and leave the house. Given that it would still be summer time, try planning an activity that starts earlier in the morning. By the time the first day of school comes, you won’t have to deal with them snoring over the alarm.

  • 2

    Set Up A Homework Station

    As soon as our kids are a couple weeks into the school year, the homework will start piling up. So, the best thing to do is to set up a designated homework station. This way your child will know that he or she has a specific area where they complete their homework each day. Make sure it is an area that you can peep in and out of to check on their progress. 

  • 3

    What to do After-School

    When the school day comes to an end most parents are still at work. Its important to plan where your child will go or if you or another loved one will be home. Some schools offer after-school programs.. However if you are able, try to arrange your schedule so that you can be home with your child during the first few days of school. This way you'll be able to help your child adjust to his new schedule comfortably.

  • 4

    Attend School Meet and Greet

    Right before the academic year starts some schools hold an orientation or meet and greet. These give you the opportunity to meet your child's  such as teachers, counselors and even the front desk staff. The secretaries are usually the first people your children see when they come into school.

  • 5

    Create A Routine Chart

    When your child comes from school there is a number of things he or she can do. Whether it be starting homework first, eating a snack or playing outside, you need to decide what works best for your child's needs.   Write it down on the chart so your child knows what to expect.