The people at BuzzFeed posted this quiz about determining how are at social networking on Facebook.

Can you really be "good" at Facebook? If you've spent enough time on Facebook, you probably agree that some people are capable of being really annoying or over-sharing, so if you aren't guilty of that behavior, maybe you are good.

Take this little quiz and see how you fare.  Leave your results in the comments section below.

1. Sending Friend Requests:

What do you when you see people you don't really know in the "People You May Know" section of your newsfeed?

A- Add them as friends!

B- Ignore them.

C- Click on their profiles to see everything that you can see because you have mutual friends.

2. Receiving Friend Requests:

Someone you don't like (or someone you don't know) has sent you a friend request. What is your most likely response?

A- Ignore it by not clicking anything.

B- Ignore it by clicking "Ignore."

C- Accept the friend request regardless.

3. Profile Pictures:

Is your profile picture most likely to be of ...

A- You, within the last three years.

B- You, when you were around three years old.

C- Someone (or something) that isn't you.

4. Status Updates:

Today you went to work, had a disappointing sandwich for lunch, got stuck in traffic on the way home, went for a run, and read an interesting article. Which of these things are you most likely to post about on Facebook?

A- All of it.

B- None of it.

C- A link to the article.

5. The Start Of Your Relationship:

You're in a new relationship. If you had to let your Facebook friends know, which of the following sounds most like the way you'd do it?

A- Post your relationship status.

B- Occasionally post, or appear in, pictures with your new significant other.

C- Both of the above, plus write "I love you" on your significant other's wall every week or two, and tag him/her in your Foursquare updates.

6. The End Of Your Relationship:

You and your significant other broke up. How, if you had to pick one, would you handle the Facebook end of your changed relationship?

A- Change your relationship status to "Single," the supportive/bewildered comments left on the update post by friends.

B- Delete relationship status altogether, and unfriend your ex.

C- Delete the relationship status, stay friends with your ex, and occasionally "like" his/her posts.

7. Birthdays:

Let's say one of your Facebook friends' birthdays is today. How do you acknowledge it?

A- Tag the birthday boy/girl in a status update that both lists something about your day AND wishes him/her a happy birthday. Multitasking!

B- Nothing.

C- Write "happy birthday" on his or her wall.

8. Facebook Messages:

You just received and read a Facebook message from a friend. When do you respond?

A- As soon as you're done reading it.

B- Later that night, or first thing the next morning.

C- In a week.

9. Memes:

You see that a Facebook friend of yours has shared an image meme. Your most likely response is to:

A- Immediately share it to your own wall.

B- Ignore it, or "like" it and move on.

C- Comment to the effect that you think it's stupid, and you're embarrassed to know your friend, and this reflects poorly on his or her sense of humor.

10. Chat:

Your Facebook Chat status is:

A- Accidentally online sometimes, but inactive.

B- Online, chatting with whichever (within reason) green circles you find there with you.

C- Permanently offline.


0-3: You are pretty bad at Facebook. You are either trying not hard enough or way too hard. I know Facebook is kind of a world unto itself, but that doesn't mean you can dispense TOTALLY with common human decency. Also, know your audience! (Mostly your audience doesn't care, except in weird cases where they really, really do. Your audience is tough to figure out. But it wouldn't be that hard for you to do better than you're doing now.)

4-7: You are kind of bad at Facebook. The good news is that almost everyone shares your condition. Everyone is so awkward and uncomfortable that every Facebook-related decision you make is like tossing a coin. Is THIS going to be the status that gets you more than 10 likes? (And with it, a full thirty seconds of joy?) What about THIS one?

8-10: You're not that bad at Facebook. Is there a real way to be GOOD at Facebook? I don't think so, anymore. It's a sliding badness scale, and you're doing as well as any one person who uses Facebook really can. You've got a pretty good handle on how much to say and when. Don't let this go to your head. Don't post a status about it.