It 's easy to lose track of time with the slogan business. Doesn't it seem like just a couple of years ago Atlantic City dropped the long-standing slogan "America's Playground" in favor of "Always Turned On ".  Well, it was really... eight years ago, and now, Atlantic City is no longer always turned on. According to published reports, a new slogan will be officially unveiled  in April.  "Do AC" will be the marketing centerpiece  of an extensive $30 million advertising campaign to publicize Atlantic City.

An executive with LevLane Advertising, who are handling the city's marketing, is quoted by the Press of Atlantic City as saying "Do AC" suggests more sexual innuendo, "why not put it right out there for the consumer to be teased by the invitation 'to do' A.C.?"  Wait, am I the only one who thought "Always Turned On" was sexually suggestive? How suggestive do we have to be for these big-spending tourists to get it?

The idea in marketing, they say, is to have a "call to action".  So "Do A.C." may be just what Atlantic City needs. But please don't confuse it with "Just Do it", "Dew the Dew", or " Do You Feel like We Do?"

If we really want to encourage the intended call to action, maybe the new slogan on billboards entering Atlantic City should be "Do You Have Enough Money With You for All of Us?"

I'd like to hear what you think about Atlantic city's new slogan.  Leave your thoughts in the comments section below...