Do you find yourself yawning a lot at work? Do you lose your focus and feel sluggish even before lunch time? Here are some sneaky signs that you might not be getting enough sleep at night.According to a new article from, your body isn't getting enough sleep during the night if you're experiencing any of these sneaky signs.

1. You have difficulties making a decision. If you're lacking sleep, you’ll have less blood flow the area of your brain responsible for critical thinking and decision making.

2. You're constantly getting sick. Being sick stinks! Your immune system weakens and struggles to fight off germs.

3. You're in a bad mood. You have no patience and the littlest thing can set you off. This could lead to real problems, especially at work.

4. You've become cliche-ridden. Do you find yourself saying things like, "It is what it is", "Better safe than sorry", or "You can't please everybody". Lack of sleep can also slur your speech.

5. You have the munchies all the time. Not enough sleep can increase your hunger hormone. You could easily put on a few pounds by snacking too much.