Looking for some fun inside activities to do with your kids now that it finally feels like winter?   

Here's a list of ideas from About Parenting.com to keep your kids entertained during the long winter season.


  • 1

    Go Bowling

    Bowling is a fun filled activity for the entire family. Plus, it will get the kids out of the house!

    Phillip Dyer/Thinkstock
  • 2

    Go Roller Skating

    A fun way for kids to get some much needed exercise and for you to burn off plenty of calories!

  • 3

    Play Board Games

    This is a great way to spend some quality family time together, and exercise their minds.

  • 4

    Stop By Your Local Library

    A great way to get the kids out of the house and get them excited about reading. The library also offers plenty of activities to keep the kids busy.

  • 5

    Kidabaloo 2016

    Kidabaloo is a fun-filled day for the whole family! Games, crafts and entertainment. Plus, you can meet Disney Channel star Lauren Taylor, “Shelby” from Best Friends Whenever.