Have you ever really blown a job interview?  I have. Call it an untimely case of foot-in-mouth disease. Go ahead and laugh...I am not alone.

But you can avoid making those mistakes if you get your head in the game before the interview.

Here are some tips from Michael Kerr, an international business speaker and author of "You Can't Be Serious! Putting Humor to Work", I found in an article from Jacquelyn Smith of "Business Provider" which show you what you should not say and why.

Some of these may seem basic, but you would be surprised what people say in job interviews!

1- "I'm really nervous." Even if you're more nervous than you've ever been, no company wants to hire someone who lacks confidence.

2- "Let's talk money." Never discuss salary in the early stages of the interview process, That can raise a red flag with potential employers that you are only there for the money.

3- "My weakness is I care too much/work too hard." If you are asked, “What's your biggest weakness?”avoid those answers. Know your true weakness and admit it."

4- "I really need this job!" Don't be desperate and definitely don’t say that you really need this job due to your current circumstances. Desperation is also a sign of weakness.

5- "My current boss is horrible." Never, ever criticize a former boss or company, even if the interviewer invites you to. It's not classy, and it makes you sound bitter and petty.

6- "I need…" Don't make the conversation all about your needs. This is the time to talk about their needs and what you can do to help fulfill them.

7- "Do you know when we'll be finished here?" You should never give the impression that you're in a hurry or have somewhere else to be.

8- "I love the perks you offer." Don't bring up how much you love the company's perks, It could imply that you care more about the benefits than the company’s success."

9- "I'd rather not say." Unless you’re asked an inappropriate or illegal question, or something that makes you feel uncomfortable, you should always answer the question.

10- "How much paid time off do I get in the first year?" You don't want to give the impression that you intend to take all your sick days and miss as much work as possible.

11- "S---, d---, f---, etc." Don't use curse words or slang terms in an effort to come across as 'authentic. You'll only give the impression that you have poor communication skills."

12- "I'm getting divorced/pregnant/going through a tough time." Don’t bring up any personal issues or problems. This can be a major red flag for a lot of reasons.

13- "I don't have any questions for you." When asked if you have any questions for them, saying “no” makes you look unprepared for the interview, or uninterested in the job.